Discover the Swedish Royal Palaces app!

The Swedish Royal Palaces app 'Kungliga slotten' now includes a number of new features to enhance your visit to the royal palaces.

The Swedish Royal Palaces app is your gateway to a world of royal splendour, history and cultural heritage. Come on a regal journey through twelve royal sites, to historic palaces with their beautiful parks, a royal residence, an inspiring World Heritage Site and a fairytale castle from the time of King Gustav Vasa.

Explore the Swedish Royal Palaces app, which guides you through Sweden's royal history and the rooms of the palaces during your visit.

New: Audioguides

Our audioguides will enhance your visit as you wander through the royal palaces. Explore each room in detail, from preserved interiors and works of art, to their place in history and the royal collections. Our audioguides are free of charge, and are available in Swedish and English.

New: Narration function

If you prefer to listen, our new text-to-speech function is an alternative way to immerse yourself in Sweden's royal history. Sit back, relax, and let our narrated guides take you through the highlights and fascinating features of our royal history.

New: Swedish monarchs

Who's who in Swedish royal history? Our list of Swedish monarchs presents an overview of all the Karls, Oskars and Eriks, and puts them in their historical context alongside their queens, children and successors.

New: Palace guides

The app includes guides to the palaces so you can take your own tours. There is also a map function showing where the royal palaces are located.

New: What's happening at the palaces?

Stay up to date with the app. Here, you can find the latest visitor information and details of upcoming events.


Search for 'Swedish Royal Palaces' in the App Store or Google Play. The app is free, and has both Swedish and English text.

The app does not require an internet connection when using the audioguides on site at the palaces. If you choose to have the audioguide read out loud, please use headphones to avoid disturbing other visitors.

The app can be experienced wherever you are. You can even go on a guided tour from home!


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